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The Dragon Cluster Project is located 66 km northeast of the cities of La Serena and Coquimbo, in the foothills of the Elqui Province, La Higuera commune, Chile. Around important mining projects in Copper and Gold districts.

The Project is close to important road infrastructure and Puerto Cruz Grande (CAP), in addition to metallurgical concentration and leaching treatment plants.

  • IV Region of Chile (Region of Coquimbo)

  • 66 km in a straight line from La Serena and Coquimbo (Major Cities)

  • 1.800-2.000 m.a.s.l.

  • Good access by public major road (Paved and dirt roads)

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2003: Cía. Minera Las Ñipas S.A. acquires mining properties from artisan gold miners (Veins).

2004: First geological surveys suggest a Porphyry Cu system with Au epithermal veins.

2004-2009: Cía. Minera Las Ñipas S.A. develops Geology, Geochemistry and Geophysics surveys (Mag) in order to understand and add value to the project.

2010-2012: Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. (SMM) signed a purchase option for Cluster Dragon projects, developing Initial Exploration Studies: detailed Geophysics (IP) and Geochemistry surveys, as well as approximately 46 DDH (24.000 m approx).

2013-2014: LAS ÑIPAS CARRIED OUT: “Compilation, Modeling and Prospective Potential of the Dragon Cluster.” Supervised by QP.


The Dragon Cluster Project is located in the Eocene-Oligocene Metallogenic Belt, with a mineralization of the Cu-Au (Mo) porphyry type, with an associated epithermal system.

The project is composed of 5 zones of hydrothermal alteration of prospective interest corresponding to Taurus, Aries, Aquarius, Central Alpha and Scorpio.

To date, the project has made significant progress in exploration, with the conduct of geophysical studies of Magnetometry and IP; a geochemical multi-element ICP sampling on the rock surface and the drilling of more than 24,000 m of diamond drill holes.

  • 11.000 ha. Mining Property.

  • 46 DDH.

  • Porphyry Cu-Au(Mo) System.

  • 5 Targets whit high prospective potential.

  • Camp in situ.

  • Access to water sources.

  • Excellent relations with the local community.

  • Favorable environmental conditions.

  • Good public roads access.

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